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We offer a variety of devices to enable our guest to Enjoy The Show!
Assistive Moviegoing Technology

Assistive Moviegoing

Yes. All locations have technologies installed which were designed to enhance the cinema guest’s moviegoing experience. Infrared emitters broadcast closed caption text, audio amplification, and descriptive narration into all auditoria. The types of visual and audio aids we offer our guests include audio amplification headsets, closed captioning eyewear devices (subtitled on device), closed daptioning gooseneck cup holder insert devices (subtitled on device), closed captioning gooseneck table clip devices (subtitled on device) and DVS headsets.

Even though all locations, all screens, on all days, and at all times are equipped with these technologies, movies must also be studio-equipped with closed captioning and descriptive narration programming for these systems to work. Movies with closed captioning are identified by CC next to the film title. Movies with descriptive video services are identified by DVS next to the film title.

Specifically, all our locations offer:

  • Audio amplification headsets that allow guests to adjust volume levels to their own individual comfort.
  • CC gooseneck cup holder insert devices conveniently slip into guests' seats' existing cup-holder and come with an LED captioning device on a completely adjustable gooseneck for placing captioning in that perfect spot. The devices come with another cup holder for a guest's convenience.
  • CC gooseneck table clip devices are available at dine-in locations including Lux Level and SuperLux auditoria. CC Gooseneck table clip devices conveniently clip on to the edge of a guest’s personal table. The flexible gooseneck allows guests to position captioning in that perfect spot.
  • CC eyewear devices offer the convenience and comfort of simply wearing a pair of glasses. Captioning will appear on the eyewear lens and can be positioned exactly how you want it. We are proud of our commitment to offer technologically advance closed captioning devices that offer multiple systems to choose from, all of which are able to position captioning up, down, left and right, and have text focus functionality as well as comfort level settings.
  • DVS can serve two purposes - to amplify a movie's audio track or to provide narration services. This system transmits two separate channels of audio. Channel A is transmitted at 2.3MHz. Channel B is transmitted at 2.8Mhz. Both are frequency modulated. Channel A is used for hearing aided audio and channel B is used for descriptive narration. This system utilizes infrared technology and eliminates interference and sound bleed that older problematic radio frequency technology was challenged by. Therefore, guests can not only enjoy interference-free audio amplification but also enjoy narration of key visual elements such as actions, settings and scene changes, making movies more meaningful to people who require visual assistance.

Closed captioning systems utilize devices so that captioning only appears in the personal space of the user. Open captioning is a system that embeds captioning on the cinema screen so that the entire audience may view it. Our closed captioning devices, available at all of our locations, include gooseneck cup holder insert and table clip devices, and eyewear devices. Cinema presentations are not typically set up for open caption viewing but may be for groups. If you are looking for an open caption presentation, please contact your local cinema or use the contact us form, and make a request.

Yes, several locations present select movies each week with open captioning. Films with open captioning are designated with an OC next to the film title on the theater showtimes page. Presentations with open captioning display dialogue and sound descriptions in text onscreen throughout the movie. For more information about open captioning please click here.

Yes, all of our theaters offer wheelchair spaces in our auditoria with companion/caregiver seating. This includes our IMAX(r), MX4D, XPLUS, SuperLux, Lux Level and Lux Lite seating. Additionally, all of our theaters and lobbies are wheelchair accessible.